Saturday, March 28, 2009


How music, no matter how much I hate it (and love it) beats rain inside me. A rain that I want to sit under and get soaked.
How the sun can be so grand on light green leaves and golden autumn trees.
How a laughter can be so beautiful.

How tomorrow can be so bright even way before its first sun rays have penetrated the eastern horizon.
How yesterday was so cheerful even though there were tears.
How this moment, this present seem so free and unattached from what I was and what I will be.

How life is. Can be happy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

thinking after a day of work.

Moderate are for suckers/parasites who don't know which boat to take. They normally just survive longer however.
The embrace of bleakness and grey in art points to the decay of 'creativity' and 'imagination' as was perviously known as. This embrace of new idea/concept IS creativity in a way, but now art has become a tool of public opinion and individual expression rather than the escapism that it used to be.

Possibly just a change of phase and era. Possibly will pass too. But for now, art is as politics. To rule. To influence. To impress. To capture attention.

Is it a good thing?

I sound too post-modernist for my own liking, but I have to say tat it is neither a good thing nor a bad thing - just a shift of a page - inevitable. After all, what is right and wrong?


blah blah of the day

Pretty much a random day today. Took a guest visit at a philosophy lecture at University of Canterbury. It was good, made me think why I never thought of joining UC instead of D&A. Not that I am complaining about D&A (would never ever) but then UC also sounds and looks and seems and appears such of a uni feeling...
Philosophy lectures on Aristotlic thought. Main point was that there is situation and character. And what a person does in a particular situation does not determine the uprightness or wrongness of his character because situations play a big role (if not bigger role) in generating response from that person.
Long story though.
And Aristotle says happiness is the ultimate end of all human works. Which I think is wrong. Because happiness is not an end. There is never a point where a person can say, "I have happiness now and I did not have this 'happiness' I didn't have before this point."
But also the points of happiness are also virtues and elements like discipline, self esteem and so on. Does this make happiness (if it indeed is made of these things) an end?

Isn't happiness rather, a mere acceptance of things as they are and being able to find reasons to be merry in that situation? Atleast that's what I think happiness is. Because I am pretty sure that to reach that point through striving to be a better person, that point of happiness, is more or less impossible for a person to even attempt.