Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good Graphic Design

Let me tell you a secret.

Good graphic design makes your grass look greener to those who live on the other side.

Guard it.

Being Critical

Being Critical.

Being critical is probably my bane. And strength.

The world needs more critical people. So I think, atleast.

But what it needs more is the right attitude towards criticism.

When a person creates something, the person criticizing has no right over it. He can't change anything about it. He can only stand on the side and comment. And the person who is doing the creating should know that. He should not be threatened by it (no matter what the attitude of the critic is in criticizing) because there is nothing he can do about it. The way the creator can use this to his advantage is: listen to the criticism. And do something about it, if you agree with it. Teach yourself to be better so that maybe next time when you create something, that critic will have lesser things to say.

In that way, thanks to people criticizing, you improve yourself.

Sometimes trying to please people improves you. If you have the right attitude.