Friday, February 15, 2013

He looks down from his throne
He who fashions the hearts of man
He who observes their puny little ways
He who knows the actions of every man

He makes the counsel of nations
Come to nothing
He frustrates the plans of men
Of rulers and the influential

By the word that flew out of his mouth
Forests, cedars, ramparts, refuges
Are shattered, as by a mighty sword.
By that same word, life came to being.

He challenges the arrogant
They that speak boastfully, he says to them:
Come and reason with me
Present your case before me

Proof yourself to me
That I may bow to you
That I may declare you
Righteous and blameless

The army and their horses
Are vain hopes in the day of battle
The wisdom of men
Are as nothing and they come to nothing

But behold, the eye of him
Is on those who wait on him
Who clings to him
Who are glad in him

They will never be put to shame
Who looks to him
Who inquires of him
And trusts in him without wavering