Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mind Blown

How do we become one with a son of God who is 'at one with the Father' and by becoming one with the son, we become one with the Father – and all this to make us one with the ultimate force, the ultimate energy, the absolute reality, the Grand Unified Theory, the Om, the Raa, the mystical energy, the Life – all fully contained in this flesh body we have, some of us 6 feet, some of us 5, some 4 some 7, yet all of us intrinsically and beautifully human, fluent and stammering in tongues, smooth and troubled in our thinking, having tendencies to be violent having tendencies to be passive, black hair, blonde, brown hair, simply human, all of the godhead contained in this physical, emotional, soulful, mental us?
That blows my mind.