Saturday, November 5, 2016

Down to the River

You need a wash, a good scrubbing, a long ordeal of a bath to wash away the layers of tar that life smears on you every few months. Otherwise you forget who you are. Otherwise you forget why you cried the other night, why you laughed like a mad man, why you watched the sun set with so much depth to it, why you read that book and felt the wave of emotion rush through you... You forget it all and become just another cog in the machinery – that part of you that was meant to shine through the brightest shimmer dimly now...

You have to fight for that life inside you, that spark of innocence.

You need to go down to the river time and time again. Bath in it, remind yourself of who you are. Why you are alive. And what makes you angry, smile, laugh and most of all cry.