Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Our Crisis x Spirituality and Stories

Somehow we in the western world have lost our ability to imagine along the lines of myths and stories, somehow we have become too logical and black and white, somehow we have become too dependent on what is politically correct, and what is considered acceptable or cool nowadays – somehow imagery of kingdoms and kings and royalty has taken a backseat in our spiritual consciousness – simply because we are so bad at connecting (and maybe too lazy to make attempts to connect) with ideas that are alien to us – we have become so self-obsessed that when it pertains to imagery that has no direct connotations to us, we switch off and call it irrelevant.

Here are some examples. We simply cannot watch a movie if the main protagonist looks a little different, or is an unknown face. We cannot listen to music that ‘just sounds weird’; why should I waste my time on that anyway? We cannot talk to the person sitting at the mall, cos he’s probably from the middle east or something and probably sound like one. We expect producers of art and culture to tailor-make all the content so they’re relevant to us, precious little consumers that we all are. We expect people to speak our language before we make any effort to connect with them. We expect a guy or a girl to tick off a few requirements before we let him or her into our friend-list. We expect religion to pander to our need for hype, lights and quick shots of motivation (nothing too intense, please).

But we should know that we are the ones that miss out. The world is a big place and we really need to let the world and humanity surprise us with what we are not familiar with and embrace it, and flow with it.

If we aren't able to get over ourselves and sometimes see Life in the context and metaphors that aren't directly relatable to us we will miss out on key important aspects of Life that we simply can’t afford to let happen. To assume that God must be directly relevant to us is a seriously self-obsessed idea, the idea that God should fit into the box of our experiences alone and anything otherwise is to be brushed aside is a fatal crisis. We need to have enough patience to be able to hear and connect with stories and experiences of others that has no direct relation to our own stories and experiences. In other words, we need to get over ourselves.

What brings me to tears

What brings me to tears is seeing how amazing people are - and how amazing their gifts are, and the light that shines through their eyes when they are doing what they are created to do. 

What brings me to tears about these is when I realise that these humans are piercing into a different dimension and realm at the same time they are inhabiting this present realm in all their humanness and limitations and yet, here they are as conduits and vessels of excellence and love and joy and LIFE from another dimension, from Life beyond, from abundant life beyond what we see with our human limited sight - and still don’t know this. They still go home to cry about their anxieties, about their failed dreams, and not realise that in that moment of Life they become immortal and untouchable – if they knew enough to love Life they would never need to fear or be afraid. Life IS for them. Life is violently and unabashedly for them. 

There is this unrealised Reality that we touch everytime we see a dancer or an artist or a singer or a human enjoying the sight of a sunset. Yet they don’t know this. And to them it is mere work, mere task, mere roles they need to fulfil. 

We fail to realise that there is nothing more spiritual than art – and it brings me to tears that we let these eternal moments go by.