Thursday, September 18, 2008

ditched and hungry

Ditch #1 Today I woke up early (7:15am, as opposed to 8am) hoping it will be a good sunny day. It was raining. The basketball plan for the afternoon will have to be cancelled, says Ran Jing (AKA Tony), and it was the second time this was happening. Last few weeks our plan to play basketball at New Brighton beach was also cancelled due to sudden unexpected rain.
Ditch #2 And as though it had to be worse, when I got to school, I got mail from Whitcoull's about a job application I put in. They had better applicants that they accepted instead of me.
Ditch #2.5 We are still at the beginning stage of our present design project where we are still scribbling our 50 sketches on paper. I was doing it on a4 when the tutor (Belle AKA Ghanti, as we Indians in the class call her) told me in her chewy Kiwi accent, "you need to do them on a3 sheets." I nodded not in the mood for opposition or agument. It was just that I was being a little more economical.
Ditch #3 Last night, I had a Chinese Hakka Noodles Indian Style that I got from the Asian Warehouse, Madras Street (don't you hate how these people STEAL names like Madras, Colombo, Manchester, et al. I will address that issue later) and it was a pre-cooked packet that I had to just microwave heat. It turned out to be the worst sort of noodles I have ever tasted. I almost threw up at just the smell, but I ate most of it anyway (credits to my conscience and economic logic) because I didn't want to waste it. Right after that I washed my hands with lime squeezed from fresh lemon to keep away the smell and headed to bed before my house mates find me and ask what I ate.
Tomorrow is SALT, creative convergence, at church. A creative arts conference. So its class bunking which means extended weekend. Golly!
My plans to buy a bass guitar, from the second hand shop, I guess is not to happen until I get a job. I first need to buy a DSLR camera. Now its past lunch time and I am so hungry. KFC? I detest the smell of KFC. But its most convenient. I think I might just end up there today too. I am so mundane. Same places, same routine. (haha)


Navarino said...

You are not going to buy a DSLR before I do. Is that cleaaaar????
ahem!! I guess you will...Please, think of the bass guitar only for now

Ning said...

yeah i guess i will. bass guitar is not immediately the issue.
when do you plan to buy your dslr? i think that'll be about my last purchase for a long long time. my next purchase will only be with my own money that I earn. so until i get a job, the camera is my last and final item on my wishlist.

Akash said...

Which DSLR are you planning on? Im thinking of buying one myself, a relatively cheap one.

bebe said...

I said TOMYUM shrimp flavoured noodles. Why the heck did u go for Indian... here's a tip... don't have indian any place other than India.. yes.. i'm talking MOTHERLAND!

I want a DSLR too! and a Tripod..
u know why! the posing i tell you... until i find a muse (highly unlikely)...JB is sexy but i prefer long flowing hair.

i just downed a tub of low fat cream... His idea of dessert.

Ning said...

yeah you told me tomyum. the ditch happened before you told me about it.
thanks for the advice.