Monday, September 29, 2008

"I like the piano...
The piano doesn't know you're blind,
so it does not make it easier for you."
From Saboteur, Film by Alfred Hitchcock


Navarino said...

What is it? Could be anything to me! Say a design for a woman's diaper...hahha kidding.
What is it, really?

Ning said...

nah, its just a quotation from the film.
you dont know what it means?
its a blind pianist saying it. when we meet ppl with disabilities, we try to make things easier for them, not realising that by doing so, we are always reminding the person that he/she is disabled (which can be insulting).
Just be the piano, let the blind, the lame play. Don't have reservations for anyone.

Navarino said...

I thought it your composition...I get the meaning-perfect. Wonderful