Friday, November 21, 2008

Korean Nagas

This response is the one I tried on Naga Blog on, about the infatuation of Nagas over Korean movies and their culture subsequently. Most people are against the trend, but Ane Kevichusa, a member of the Naga Blog saying that it doesn't have to be bad thing. The fact that this discussion is going on and in English points to the fact that in the past we embraced something foreign and this has lead to a necessary gain in more ways than less for our people. Read:

I agree Ane.
Thats the secret of the English language. As compared to Latin.
English may seem like a parasitic language, borrowing words from almost about every language on earth. Call it whatever, but why is it that there are a lot of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian, German who flock to English speaking countries to learn English. Why is English so important? Because its a language that has survived, so to say, the onslaught of invasion of globalisation.
It is not a time to only hold on to something we were born with.

But then I also am disgusted with the Korean madness. Shillong's Naga community was a mini Korea-town when I left Shillong. (well I am not saying only Nagas do it. The Garos, a few Khasis and so on are equally gripped with the mania, maybe not as crazily though.)

By the way, I don't think Nagas and Koreans will ever get along together, so we should stop pretending. Why so? Well, I have a guy friend from Korea who was upset the whole day because he saw a dead hedgehog in his garage last night, which he didn't even kill. Heck man. Nagas kill and eat anything that moves. Have you seen a Naga guy being mum and depressed because he ate a dog's tail last night???

P.S. My argument doesn't prove anything. I am not saying what's right or wrong. Korean fans go ahead and be hard out Koreans as much as you want to. And critics of such trend, go ahead and criticize what is going on, make the most hullabaloo of it as you can. Culture is this. Argument and discussion. Interaction of thoughts and ideas.


bebe said...

ITs ridiculous!

I leave Shillong to be flocked by Koreans here!

The magnetism is RIDICULOUS!:)

YOU (of all people)shouldn't be talking about NAGAS eating everything. :)

NB. Smileys remove the space for offence.

Navarino said...

An attempt at explanation leads to all the debates, doubts, discussions and controversies. be it a talk about the Naga Koreans or a mosquito net.
As an outsider, a non-participator in your debate, I would say that if I liked Korean would be a result of my admiration for their innocent looking faces, lovely places and other such beauty in their films. A relativeness to their mongolian traits with ours....(I always like to relate myself with something superior of my kind).
....But, as me...I rarely watch them. No way, they are boring and repetitive

Ning said...

yeah yeah good old smileys.
wait. why shouldn't i be talking about eating anything? i dont understand. I eat almost everything, except crab and prawn and bee because i am allergic allergic to them. oh and termites too. haha.

yeah i dont like Korean movies too. very cheesy. oh no you aren't really an outsider. i think people from your state also watch korean movies, right? koreans aren't necessarily superior. they are just born in the place that happened to be called Korea, and pretty good in math and engineering. i think NE people are unmatched. wait til we are discovered.

Navarino said...

yes! We are unmatched, unparalleled...What I meant was, they are a little ahead. But that's okay, the more advanced they are, more distant they remain from the SELF. We are the guardians of this unique inner beauty...SELF. Only we can restore it in our lives...and thus pass it on

bebe said...
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i am said...

ok i dont eat food in bulk like most people yeah. but i eat evreything.