Thursday, December 18, 2008

never again to rest

a bustling meltingpot
of disappointment and
unfulfilled dreams

a single streak
a single soul
stuck in motion

a city, set off
by a spark:
never again to rest.


Navarino said...

Why should you be so weary...when there are souls wanting to land in that place of lonely inhabitance as you describe it. It is like an old Hindi music, played on a sitar, reminding one of the B&W era. We all want things our way I guess

i am said...

no no i am not entirely weary.
its just an acknowledgement of that fact that like the city, stuck in motion forever, i am also stuck in motion.
its not any sort of wistful thinking and longing of the past. i dont believe in that anymore.
it is also a sad song for the city and the human race. addicted to motion. of which i am one too.

Navarino said...

Stuck in motion...ummm
Great! I would like to be stuck in the same plane myself