Monday, February 23, 2009

kept it that way.

oh yeah we saw some of the indian CRICKET team members today. harbhajan singh, irfan patel. in fact i was just standing next to them when we were waiting for the traffic lights to allow pedestrians to cross. didnt talk to them. they were pretending like they were hollywood stars. too much attitude.
nah, i was just a random asian/chinese/japanese guy standing next to them. who had NO IDEA who these dudes clad in blue were.
kept it that way.


bebe said...

Haha! Love it!

i am said...

thanks thanks.
and they lost to NZ last night. so happy.

sira said...

OMG! really?
why didnt yu get an autograph for me? HUH?

HAHA. too funny yu are.
but i can imagine - they deserve it sometimes. i did that to shah rukh khan once =D

i am said...

really? haha yeah just intimidate them. don't notice them. they think they are the masters of the world. just ignore such people.
i mean nothing wrong with them of course. just.....