Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"No Sardars in the Punjab team," Raj quips.

Raj (my flatmate) sits and watch his dear home city Calcutta's IPL team battle with Punjab Royals (or whatever) with almost a religious allegiance. It is funny. He says that the Calcutta team has only two players from Calcutta. Its business, I tell him. All business, i repeat here. But thats the fun of life isn't it. Have fun doing business. A good business convinces people that it is more fun than livelihood. Convinces people that fun is all that matters when under the surface, below the skin, it is all stark damn business. You can either be cynical about it and stand on the sidelines and comment against business and money and talk about fun for fun sake and not for money, or you can join in the rat race. It's a rat race, and I believe that it is the only race on, so you don't have much choice. Either sit out or join. I just think cynicism is no longer in.
"No Sardars in the Punjab team," Raj quips.

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Navarino said...

I can picture the scene. It's very noisy to me....dark and yet fun to be a third eye there....I am happy I can keep the distance