Saturday, May 9, 2009


I don't think I am allowed to speak too much about my latest project atleast until the 48 hours that started from 7pm today is over. Well, thing is, it is a 48 hours film competition, where film makers are given a topic, genre and elements that should be included in the film at one point in time and and then they are supposed to produce a film that is 7 minutes long at the end of that 48 hours.
Our's is s group from The Majestic Church, and guess what, we got the topic HORROR.
Now that is very interesting.
It is the best time for me to getting back to film. Just when I have finished a project on Stefan Sagmeister inspired 'Things I Have Learnt In Life So Far' and that too a graphic design/video film project that I had a lot of fun crafting.
Now this project, 48 hour one, looks very challenging. But more so because it is a group work and to train working in a group it is just right. The competition level just right.
Will complete this post tomorrow. :)

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