Thursday, May 14, 2009

rambo's civic

** cheesy is the new profound. shallow is the new deep. pink is the new blue. dark round glasses are in. pixelated halo is the new aura. :) is the new "s/he smiled".
exactly, do i need to have a point when i say anything or design anything or write anything. so stop frikkin trying to decipher and analyse what i say. alright?
** :)
** the tag in graphic design is that everything we do needs to have reasons, a point as to why it is done. is that really so? does it have to? 
** there's something cracking just outside the window of my classroom. our design studio rather, not our classroom. and everyone's gone home already though we still got 40 minutes of class time remaining.
** i just read an interview of John Key (Prime Minister of New Zealand) while i had vienna, and he seemed hopeful of the state of the country's economy and that it should be recovering by 2010 and that 2011 should be a big year again. good for us planning to look for job here.
** the title 'rambo's civic' has nothing to do with the post. like i said, i don't need to have a point with everything i do.
** go home now.

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