Monday, May 25, 2009


The sad leaves pranced in whispers in the moonlit night. Somewhere behind the trees a gleaming darkness shifts. Watching me. Hoarse-ing me thoughts of pleasure that I find myself bowing to time and time again.
I don't like darkness. Never liked it. But this night I embrace it. I think it will give me security from the beam of the noonlight sun. It is not a safe place to be. Beasts of shadows prowl.

Take me away from here. If only the noonday sun is not too harsh. If only I can relive morning and escape the heat of the middle-day.
Moonlight gives me assurance, but false, I know. It is only a reflection. A scarred face posing as a gem in the night sky. I sit down in the moist grass. And hears the bustling wood-elves behind me. They scare me. They crouch beside me. And I want to leave already but then I am ashamed to summon morning now. Too ashamed to look at myself on the glassy pond.

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