Tuesday, June 2, 2009

creative block?

Ok, I feel smack in the centre of a major creative block now. Been trying to work on the promotional campaign for Hanmer Springs Ski Area. Trying is not good enough when after you've sat on it the whole two hours you end up with it going nowhere substantial.

I tried moving on to other projects, even self initiated ones, but then, its not the project. It's my head. Denise our tutor says that this week we will be taking a break from this project and doing something different. "That might help," I commented.

She grinned.


sira said...

did the break help?
because i would always opt for one when i have a deadbrain.

i feel better. that it not just me. fewf =)

i am said...

yeah break helps.
but at the end of the day time heals.