Thursday, June 18, 2009

dreaming of shillong

I think I teleported in my dreams to Shillong just now. For an event, I had to go back to Shillong. It was so so so real I tell you. Pa picked me up and I was in the car and it was raining. He told me we have to Akho's house first for some gathering. And it was raining so heavily. And I remember leaving Christchurch just a few hours ago. I'd be back there soon. I even wondered how fast technology has made it possible for me to be there in a matter of a few hours from one side of the world to the other.
But it was raining so heavily in Shillong. And I was texting Debbie this exact words, Shillong is so pretty.. its raining so heavily but it is warm. But I hadn't sent it yet. I just held the phone in my hands and watched the dark pines wet with rain and the streets washed and the cemented walls at the side of the road that people scuttered around by ducking for cover.
I kept commenting to myself that Shillong is so beautiful. You know, the sort of realisation that comes on you when you have been away from a place for a while and tend to see that place in a new light. I tried to think of Christchurch and told my father it is even comparable.
Anyway, we drove past All Saints School and I think I saw Amanda who I figured moved from Bajoria to All Saints. I learnt that Suaihiampou and Chun (other cousins) will be at home too and I looked forward to seeing them.
Then when we reached we got out in the rain. I shared the umbrella with Pa. He smelt the same. He didn't talk much as usual. I told him how beautiful Shillong was, haha, I kept thinking about it. It was raining but it was not cold. I had to remind myself that it is summer in Shillong, unlike at the Southern Hemisphere. Then we rounded a bend and came upon a street like Lachaumeire's. It was small and neatly kept. I saw some shops overhung with boxes-signboards like the PCO-STD-ISD ones but it was red (Vodafone? Prophetic, me? haha) But the smell still was the same. Some incense burning and I ran my hands across a maroon gate, letting my fingers strum the bars as I walked past. I thought about how Thiu would respond (still stuck in Korea because I was going to change my facebook status to 'loving Shillong, every bit of it!'). He would be so jealous, of course. Glee.
We entered Akho's house, which i learnt was new. A dog sat at the kennel, his nose popping out of the door. The guard at the entrance let us in.
One of my uncles was there. Rev. G. Gangmei. Mama was there. She was drinking tea or something and I told her, can I have tea too? And she laughed, "its not tea, its a regular medication I am drinking." Oh. I laughed and I sat beside her. I wanted to see home already. And I still saw the shifting world outside and the swaying forms of pines moved by the rain, through the lace curtains that hazed the outside world from that cosy little room.

Then I frikkin woke up.

I thought I was in Shillong when I even woke up because it was so real. And I heard the music I had left playing J'ai Dormi Sous L'eau by Air. Then saw the reflection of the blinds of the window on the wall beside my bed. I checked my phone, no unsent text about the rain and pretty Shillong.

(I normally don't give much thought to my dreams even though they are about Shillong. But this one felt too real.)


bebe said...


homesickness in the subconscious never sounded so sweet..

i empathise.


i am said...

haha. i dont want to call it homesickness. there was a lot of events that led to this dream and i didn;t end up missing home (which homesickness should have done).
but thanks for the comment.

bebe said...

:P what a dismissal!! lol

the pity makes it far worse :(


Navarino said...

I can't remember a dream like that. That is something that didn't happen to me in the recent past. Crazy isn't it???

Gaisinglung Kamang Gangmei said...

hey this something to do with the song, that song is really hypnotic, careful!!!!
Indeed you enjoyed!!. All siants and that hoping someone to be there at home part is freaking good, made my tears gushed out, ha ha.

yimlook said...

beautiful it is. arundhati roy couldnt have described it better

i am said...

what?? yimlook.. you keep popping in and disappearing. i miss you!!!!!!!! haha thanks for the comparison. appreciated VERY MUCH.