Friday, June 5, 2009

Show and Tell

Somehow Alicia Keys on our tutor's eMac is driving me nuts (in a bad way more than good). I plan to start working on the new project Show And Tell. Oh, this has nothing to do with taking clothes off btw, because I have heard of a game where you, you know, take clothes off and show and tell. No, nothing like that, thankfully. 

The idea is to tell a story (be it anything, anything at all) with pictures on the projector using pictures that stay on for 20 seconds. The challenge is to prepare pictures and presentation that will fit into that 20 seconds as perfectly as possible and let the story flow between the many slides that you show. The pictures could be anything. From drawings to photograph to video.

My options are:
1. Traumatic Journey to Goa and Back Again (of the photographic trip in 2007) when we were plagued from inside and outside of our group by she-men. Trust me it happened!
2. Sirion School and Gabalpur, my imaginative world, and I could give a detailed account of the place and talk as though they were real places;
3. Naga culture? (Don't think so. I hate to do these sort of things, being too patronising)
4. Pick an artist? (Who am I kidding. I get a chance to talk in front of people, and I go showing other people's works off? Remember, I don't like patronising others that way.)
5. Hm.....

Give me time. I will come up with it.

Cheers Mate :)

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