Friday, August 28, 2009

Indian Fashion (bits of it)

I randomly bumped into Lakme Indian Fashion Week website today and flicked through some of the designers. I saw Sabyasachi, my favourite Indian designer who I found from Vogue India two years ago and I still am compelled to say he is in my opinion (and maybe little knowledge) the best fashion designer India has. Refer to later photo entries in the same blog for example. His traditional Indian patterns are blend so well. I remember when I saw his work first in Vogue India when I was in Second Year doing Mass Media, I just looked at it for the longest time and Imnuk said, with her smooth English, “I love this guy so much ya…” Chegen, her bf just sat nearby and mocked our interest in pagan things (jokingly of course).

Another designer I like is Malini Ramani.

And of course our own Naga boy Atsu Sekhose who is becoming bigger and bigger in the Indian Fashion scene. you cah check it out ( ). His works are clean and mild. I like it.

And I discovered Vineet Bahl link: ( ) and i really like it, especially this particular one in the link provided.


1. Aneeth Arora & Chinar Farooqi
(the red-riding-hood look is so cool and the colour co-ordinates work)

2. Ashmita Marwa
(the traditionality and the red blossoms and of course the near to perfect shawl/scarf)

3. Sabyasachi
(my favourite guy, the patterns the patterns and the layers the layers like an intricate open bulb of a rose petal. He is also called Christian Lacroix of Indian fashion. Lacroix is the considered the king of couture design).

4. Sabyasachi
(note the exotic jewellery and the top layering to match).

5. Sabyasachi
(this has a rather unnerving model but the finishing and pattern on the dress/top is so good).

(photos from Lakme Mumbai Fashion Week 09)

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