Thursday, September 3, 2009

of Jordi Duff Clinic

A lot's been happening lately. The primary happening is the new clothing & accessories label that is being started. Well not really started as yet, but in its initial stage of conception.
It's called Jordi Duff clothing label and people awareness hasn't really been generated much and that's because we are looking at November 1, 2009 as our release date.
Jordi Duff is made of, well, Jordi Duff and don't get me wrong, just because his name is our brand name doesn't in any way mean he is the owner or the sole designer. Danny Robertson, aspiring music producer. Michael Greene an Canterbury Uni law student. And me.
We have our own roles to play which are not specific to ourselves but which are roles that we co-ordinate and work with each other. 
Heck of a risk and adventure it will be.
Watch out for Jordi Duff website soon to be released, from where you can order your clothes and accessories.
Come get a fix at Jordi Duff Clinic!

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