Monday, October 12, 2009

five posts about sunshine

*There was warm sun when I walked to class. The bakery I walked into greeted me with warmth and smells from the oven. 
*I stare out at the glare of a white building facing me, reflecting the sun, as I sit at my computer. It reminds me that I don't have to huddle into myself when I walk outside today despite that I am just wearing sandals.
*Just a smile and the rain is gone, could hardly believe it. There's an angel standing next to me, reaching for my heart. That's what my ipod is playing right now. It reminds me of sunshine somehow.
*When I am in the light-tight church auditorium rehearsing for the night service, sometimes I see a glimpse of the outside world through an opened door or a glint of sunlight that escapes in from a small gap somewhere and it reminds me that there is a sun outside and people at the beach running or lying in the sun. And maybe my friends walking about in the sun facing their faces to the warm sun. And it makes me glad that the world is just fine outside though it is so dark in there.
*I like to see sunlight and shadow dancing on your shoulder.