Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Outlook traveller editions

Here are some of the editions of Outlook Traveller magazines that I followed every month. Some of them I haven't read and some of them I own (used to own that is. Left it back in Shillong in my room in a brief case). 
I get mushy thinking about them.
I am such a sentimental person. haha


Navarino said...

Damn damn damn!!! Why do you have to do this?? I am not all rock in the sand you know. Gosh I want to have all those issues right in my lap now.
Got to read reader's digest the other day in a salon. That had made me very mushy and now this.

i am said...

haha yeah i know man. i hope my brother's taking good care of the stacks of magazines i left back at home...