Saturday, November 21, 2009

Glorifying The Past

Sometimes, people who just can't stop wistfully talking about their past as though they were the best days of their lives annoy me. It is a common misconception that the past was always better than the present. I do not believe that my life was better when I was younger than how it is now. It is true that sometimes in life, we go through peak times when, maybe everything we did succeeded, or we go through times when things just don't work the way we want at all.

That is because everyone sees the past through good memories. If his/her week was made up of 4 days of good mood days and 3 days of bad mood days, people, when they look back, remember only the 4 good days of that week. I guess it is a good thing. But it is not good if it makes people think that the past was always better than present.

It is almost like saying the music and movies from the past were far better than they are now, which is not logical because the music and the movies that we see now have been filtered by time and popularity, and hence we see only the good few that has survived all these times, and not the everyday random ones that people of that era also might have detested.


Rathiulung KC said...

sala. i swear i was thinking of the same SAME damn thing here too. haha. about choosing what to remember. i was thinking about Korea. and wondering how i would remember my time here. probably pleasant ones. haha
amazing huh?

i am said...

yeah haha twins toh.
anyway the blog post was mostly directed to myself.
i was just thinking about the same, about how if i were to go somewhere else i wouldn't believe all the wistful things i would say about christchurch.
what a snob. to think of all the complains i was making and then starting to patronising it once i leave.
thats just being ungrateful outrightly.