Saturday, November 28, 2009

What Happened Between Then And Now

I was going to go off to sleep when a thought struck me. I have another account on Orkut, which is another social networking site, big in India. Personally I prefer Facebook over Orkut but I remained there for the sake of many friends there. Anyway there is a guy who used to be my class mate a very long time ago, before he moved away from Shillong to Delhi, I think.

I remember he used to be a whizz kid, who boasted about his prowess in computer and those basic computer stuffs, and all these when computers used to be the rare unapproachable new thing that everyone marvelled. He would talk about how he played games in it and do quizzes on the computer.

Then I met up with him in Orkut again, apparently he is IIT Gurgaon now, which is like the hot spot for information technology, in India, and even worldwide because most good IT schools are in India.

But his profile picture was disappointing to say the least. He stood with some hand pose and sunnies with brown-ish shirt on. What happened to that smart fellow who threw the class in awe with his stories with computer? How did he become so....... lame and normal? His quotations in his profile page were hardly inspirational too, stuff about life being music and dance and love and those sort of.. stuff. What happened in the middle of then and now?



Rathiulung KC said...

haha. who is that guy? i know what you mean. but somehow its nice to be normal. "look" and sound normal but still make a difference. there is a time in our life when we are so dry and appear normal and sukha. give him some years he would probably get to something

i am said...

haha was talking about Ketan. trust me, its not even normal. he is real lame. but anyway. there wasnt much to him in terms of being 'cool' anyway even then.