Monday, November 16, 2009

on creativity and new music.

Very few things baffle me these days as much as music that sits on the box charts and top rated lists. Crazy stuff that sounds real simple, but added with a right mix of smart-ness and more smartness. Music today aren't exactly profound or even technically and musically outstanding. They are just smart. It is the sort of music that makes you feel it came up in fluke moments. But I appreciate the smartness involved in it. I respect the risk that musicians and producers take to throw out new stuff out there. Sometimes the same things become tedious and boring. I guess people and the world has become tired of fawning over the old age of music. Or even if they still love the old music, they make something new out of it. 
It is the age of free spread of ideas and creativity.

It is the best time and era for me as an artist to be alive in. I believe in that.

This is not just in music. 

Sometimes, however, the extreme freedom in spread of ideas and creativity lurks like a threat to the career of a designer like me. You go online and you see people who aren't 'designers' by profession making crazy stuff that are as good as professional works, I do end up feeling a little disturbed, to be honest.

But ... really? Are they threat? If I think about it, there is no threat in real art and creativity. Creativity is building something out of nothing. You can never ever run out of space to imagine. Never. Even if 6 billion people created stuff every moment all the time, there will always be something to keep creating. If 6 billion were building houses, the earth will run out of space. If 6 billion were doing accounts the earth would  run out of account jobs easily. But even if 6 billion people become creative, there would always be space for more creativity. 

Of course if even 2 billion people were doing graphic design jobs, then there would be no more design work vacancy left. But then if our lives, everyday endeavours were sparked by creativity and newness, there will always be space to grow for everyone.


Rathiulung KC said...

me too. as an artist, love the postmodern age. :)

i am said...

haha yeah..