Monday, November 30, 2009

untitled II

I was reading Africa's Mountains of the Moon in my Business Class. Michael Mertz, our business tutor was talking about Business PLans, which we talked about with Simon, the other day in our Jordi Duff Clinic meeting with him.

And it feels like what used to happen in college and school when I'd snuck in a book and read or doddle all over the page while the lectures drone away in the background. And being bored in lectures is one of the best time to think up ideas and make use of the sketchbook.

Anyway, it's just a short break between two sessions of Business Studies class. And the second session starts in five minutes on the Mezzanine floor.


Rathiulung KC said...

yeah. haha. i remember college days. doodling on our notes.

i am said...

yeah it turns out to be real productive, even if unproductive as much as the class is concerned.