Saturday, December 5, 2009


Today I woke up to sunshine. It was strange after so many days of cloud and rain, it started to feel like summer again. I walked to church studio which I found out was closed. Every Saturday, duh. And the girls were at the 'all-girls' launch of Porcelain stationery launch. Inf Def store didn't entertain me that much. Just met Georgie (who ballets at Majestic sometimes) who now apparently worked there and who promised to show me her fashion illustrations. Inf Def was depressing me, I don't know why. Lumes Cafe was alright. Talked with David about bringing in my art pieces to put on display and maybe put some amount on it so that it might get sold hopefully. Also thought of putting in my comic books there, not to be sold but just for display and for coffee-ers to read.

I sat at the Cathedral Square drawing a few people there, hanging around to enjoy the sun. An Asian guy sat next to me drinking Starbucks and I kept feeling he was Soo Jern (for some reason). I got three pages of drawings in my sketchbook, trying out different forms and pose that people sat at.

I had the idea of going to library and sitting there and planning out the next few pages of Sirion Diaries in writing. But when I got there, it was closed. Library closes at 4pm every weekends. Damn early! I just grinned to myself and walked back home.

Now I am looking forward to a full afternoon of Sirion Diaries. Bliss.

But I am confused, would you call it a productive day or just wasted? Because what I planned totally didn't work out but then I also don't mind how it is turning out to be.

Ok, page 116 of Sirion Diaries beckons me.

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