Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bitter Virgin Manga Series

I just read a whole series of manga comics called Bitter Virgin on that showcases free manga comics to read online. It had 4 volumes and probably more than a few hundred pages. But it was an enjoyable read.

I guess thats the way with manga comics. They are enjoyable. The art is good too. Average, you can say, but it had everything you wanted in a manga book.

The story is about a girl who grew up being sexually abused by his step father and got impregnated two times (with abortion and adoption, respectively to deal with it). And that too in her Junior High. Then she starts to be afraid of all men.

Then when she changes school she meets this guy who is sensitive guy who was not too overbearing on her.

As all stories go, she falls in love (though spanning over several chapters of love triangles, dramatic emotions and exchange of thoughts from her as well as from the boy's side). The story is told from the boy's angle though. And he happens to find out about her tainted past and makes it his decision to look out for her and protect her if necessarily since she was extra sensitive because of her history.

So yeah, they fall in love. And that sort.

It is pretty fun. Learning experience (as reading any good/fun/decently-enjoyable comics always is, with the exception of many American comics that I really don't like).

PS. I really don't understand fully my prejudice against anything American. Especially American comics. I just detest their line works, their manner of intellect, their stories, their concept of pulp and pop, their version of slickness (and even the look of most artists) and the idea of a bustling comic-con (comicon or whatever).

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