Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Comic Books

I have been seriously contemplating a graphic novel this year. Today I made a trip to Comics Complusion, a store for comics on Machester Street. An awesome store there. And they have a very wide range of comic collection on their shelves. Apparently they too promote local artists and help them sell their stuff. I have no idea how quick they sell out but it looks ok. Just ok.

The store was dingy. Just what a comic nerd would find enthralling. Surrounding comics and comics. But sad to say, for me, despite the fact that telling stories through the comic format is truly in my heart and it is one (if not THE one) thing I want to do, I found the store very depressing. They were playing some Kiwi rock band, I won't be surprised if the song was from Flying Nun Records, the sort of songs that emerged from the underground punk garage rock era. The kind of era when they made do with little budget and local promotion. That clearly reflected in their locally produced comics too. Independent, rough and not very slick.

That's cool. But I didn't come to New Zealand to delve myself into any local underground art scene. I am not saying I am after slick, because I am not. I like the rough look to art too.

But then I'd like my comics to be disctributed to more places. I mean, who doesn't? I am no depressed post modernistic guy who goes, 'nah, thats ok. I don't care what the heck is happening around the world. I do comics only because I love it and it doesn't matter if no one reads them, just a few patrons will do.' I want it distributed to every possible corner. I want to absorb the momentum of the comic culture and industry. I want to be into it all.

I probably need to start at the local level. But this is not where I want to end up in.

New Zealand has far too less comic scene. They hardly have any publisher too. That's why I want to see Japan.

But anyway before I get too carried away, maybe this is no time to worry for a publisher. For now, get the comic running in good pace. Finish it. Polish it. Make it high quality. Even sell-able (as much as I dislike that word).

Then let's see.

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