Saturday, January 16, 2010

of Priscilla Ahn

Thiu gave me a new artist on my ipod, Priscilla Ahn. Its not my favourite artist but it suits the feeling in my guts today. I woke up late to a gloomy day and walked to lunch and then to college to see Lina and Becks already here. Becks supposed to be working but wasting her time (like we all do) checking up pictures on Google Image search. Lina slaving on the same logo she was working on yesterday.

Somehow a song reminds me of Thiu. Not that he ever sang it or not that it is the kind of song that he would play to. Just the knowledge that he gave the songs to me reminds me of him.

It's 2:30pm and I need to get back to my Olive Oil packaging campaign design.

I want to catch the plane and go somewhere. Somewhere far from anywhere I am familiar of. Somewhere beyond the murky sky here.


sira said...

benny, could you send me her music too?
ah, i know that feeling of wanting to leave everything and go someplace.

i am said...

yeah i will send you. its not extreme great music. its just cute and pretty..