Sunday, February 21, 2010

I refuse to get over Tokyo Story.

"And the loyalty of those who love [Ozu]'s work is as absolute as his own conviction."

I refuse to get over Tokyo Story. I think its the sort of movie that changes lives. In the same way that Bicycle Thieves changed Satyajit Ray's life and turned him into a film maker. And I am in no way comparing myself with Ray, but Tokyo Story is a film that caught my heart so much. I am afraid of even seeing more of Ozu's work because I am even afraid I might get used to his style and get too comfortable and familiar with them.

He is known as the master of slow cinema. Slow cinema. The same genre that my heart really has for Sirion Diaries in the graphic novel medium. The sort of stories that most people just don't get. Stories that don't balk on drama and action. But a slow paced camera work, power dialogues, subtle music..

Things like that.

I refuse to get over Tokyo Story.

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