Monday, February 8, 2010

Not the favourite student in class

The reason I opened this blog now, this morning, is because I was chatting with Denise (my tutor) for a bit, running through my portfolio (which is about done by the way!) and she liked the stuff in there. Then also remarked on how she likes my use of typography because I challenge ideas on how words are supposed to look pretty.

And also Raj hated my 'Design Anarchy' project when I displayed it right on my wall, and since he sits near me, everyday he sees and it and he told me 'it depresses me..'. I couldn't believe it. I mean I am no sadist to be happy that my design depresses him, but still then, that was exactly what I wanted people to respond to that particular design.

Design Anarchy is about the degradation of corporate design and how pretty images and feel good designs are used to compel potential customers to buy whatever products that the design is selling. It is not a happy scene. And that was what I wanted to achieve with the design.

I used yellow and black and lots of dotted graphics to show the monotony (and yellow was for bland, tasteless and machine produced creativity/designs). It was definitely one of my most strongest design I ever achieved in D&A.

Anyway, coming back to what Denise said, I am not the favourite student in class. I almost always need an extension for submission and I am one of the few people who you will see on the last few days before submission, slaving away to complete it working extra time at class. (Well I have to say I like doing it. I like living on the edge in this way.) But I am glad that I am being recognised to having my own style and being the one to do things differently to challenge and experiment designs.

But yeah, got to keep reminding myself, as I learnt from Madam Machun in my first year at college, doing Mass Media in Shillong: You need to learn the rules first to break them.

{Design Anarchy
"to purify our works of money is both hypocritical and in vain."
"the straight line is godless and immoral."
"what design needs is ten years of total turmoil and fuck it all anarchy. after that maybe it will mean something again."
all from the book 'Design Anarchy' by Kalle Lasn}

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