Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Stalking Samurai

Scene One: It is a clean evening with soft breze whistling between the crevices and alleyways of a city corner. A woman realises she's been followed by a strange person.
Scene Two: She takes off down the alley towards the cafe.
Samurai looks on.
Woman looks back to see if she is still followed and sighs a relief as she steps indoors, greeted by a warm draft of coffee.
As she sips her fresh brewed coffee she is shaken to see that a shadow yet lurks at her window. A shadow of the stangest manner.
Woman bursts off from the coffee screaming, leaving the coffee to stain the table and the carpet. Outside a taxi conveniently parks under the street light. Thank God!
She gets in and as the car drives away, she watches the dark figure that stalked her stand under the street light and look at her go. She is greatly calmed by the breeze against her face and the shadows of the leaves overhead that falls on her scarved head.
Later, all troubles forgotten she emerges from the bath like a goddess in her secret lair, water dripping from her ivory skin.
And to her deepest shock the shadowy follower had found her, and there it stands on the doorway casting a deep shadow upon her.
What is it? Who is it?
"Got a lighter, ma'am?"

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