Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Town Boy and about good stories

I found a comic book called 'Town Boy' by Lat by a Malaysian guy and it is about a boy who grew up in a town called Ipoh in Malaysia, a supposedly new facility with apartments that the government started supplying for the people.

I found the comic extremely beautiful, not just in aesthetics and art but in its simplicity and clarity in showing life in Malaysia at that time. The scene where the hero of the story goes to eat Roti Chanai with the hottest girl in town is my favourite. I stopped and looked at that scene for a long time almost feeling myself there, haha. It is not the most realistic drawing you have ever seen, but it struck me hard.

I brought the comic to Agus, my friend who spent a year or two in Kuching, Malaysia, and he read it, laughing to himself and remembering little things about life then, the food, the street language, people's behaviour. In fact, he is laughing at the pages right now as I type these words.

Good stories do that. They take you away from where you are to another place, a place though imagined, is so real that you can almost smell the air there, almost feel the hero's joys and pains.

I want to do that.


::saurous:: said...

isn't it L.A.T.? haha
that aside, so true. everytime i read it, it makes me want to go home, or laugh about the stereotypical mothers. LOL so true, so true.

i am said...

i think he has some muslim name but i dunno. i think its lat, his pen name. pretty sure that was what i found on Wikipedia haha.
i love the malay mother drawing.