Saturday, March 13, 2010

About many things.

My newest favourite magazine Oyster (go to their site), that I saw for the first time in c1 cafe (their website).

I won't get over c1. It is the best cafe in NZ.

But I am here to talk about style magazine.

Another one I like is Russh.

Vogue is always there. Vogue Australia sucks. Vogue India, on the other hand, is good.

I think in New Zealand and Australia, the independent magazines are far better. Theres something about big merchandising brands that puts me off when it comes to New Zealand. Like Starbucks. I don't like it here. India Starbucks is ok. I will explain why later. I don't like Vogue here, I like the India version. Instead here, I love c1 cafe, Cafe Lumes and another independent cafe in Dunedin that really caught my fancy though I have only been there once.

Well the reason I don't prefer big merchandising brand in Christchurch is because they are too corporate and business minded and its too obvious. MacDonald's is in my opinion the culmination of everything I hate about business: Yellow. Uniforms. Realism advertisements that sparks of Americanism. Fats. Fake smiles. Plastic face of MacDonald brand image (re:fake smiles). Intense advertisements. Attempts to hook children into brand loyalty.

The idea that Starbucks are run by people whoa are answerable to bosses who in turn report to a bigger guy at the national level and then eventually an even bigger buy in USA. Like the food chain. The bosses don't give a shit about you at the grass root level. Whereas in independent ventures, you are run by the boss or you are your own boss. The boss knows your name, and he knows your number. And calls you up randomly when he is bored. (maybe)

And this post started with magazines, and see where it has led me.

Well same is the case with independent magazines, compared to big companies like Vogue or whatever.


Navarino said...

magazines are expensive as well. Where do read them?? hahha
Library of course.

Navarino said...

and hey...let's have coffee in c1 man. haven't tried it.

i am said...

haha nah i read them in cafes. library, somehow doesnt attract me, magazine-wise.