Thursday, April 1, 2010

about upgrading my art.

Got to up my game. Going into 2D animation now. There's companies like WETA and Disney to impress if I ever want to work there in the near future.

But my animation for now is for Sirion Diaries promo.


Gorillaz is a band that doesn't exist but exists. Sirion is a world that doesn't exist... but it exists in some way. Atleast ideally I want to make it like that. I will borrow voices and characters and even stories from other people and with their permission make it their story based in Sirion.

For example, for this promotional video animation clip I have contacted a close friend so I can use her voice to do voice overs, in the name of a character from Sirion School. She is currently thinking of an alias. Her name in real life will never ever be revealed but she will only be heard as [whatever name she picks].

It's about time. I have been too settled in black and white illustrations and feel maybe I should also explore other things. Oh yeah, I have improved in all the years I have done B+W, but there's also 2D animation calling me.

In the future I want to make theme music scores too. Like in Harry Potter they have music that defines them. I want it to sound moody but not sad, but happy-ish moody. Maybe Danny (who co-owns Jordi Duff Clothing and who just also turned full time music producer last week) can help me make some music. But he is more electronic and hip hop beats. He did say he can make all music and I trust him. But I got to honour him with royalties and all that. So, I don't know.

I want the music for Sirion Diaries to sound like its coming out of a gramaphone. But not sound too old either.

There is so much in store for Sirion Diaries. No doubt it will go off the ceiling when it gets released. Sirion Diaries will be a full on multi media experience. Incorporatinh everything I know and can do:
1. Comics
2. Writing, prose, essay, poetry
3. 2D animation
4. Fictional magazine called Gathering Moss
5. Music scores/Original sound tracks

It is not business freebies. It is passion. Not like a free CD that comes with a comic book. Or a short animation meant to be a crowd puller to have them buy the comics. Nothing like that. Every medium will speak for itself and if left on its own, can stand by itself.



vinodkumar said...

hi, really i got inspired from your words, and am thankful for you, and i wish all the best in your future plans...your writing is superb...
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{oh ben!} said...

Thats awesome Vinod. I am very glad that you are reading them. Thanks for your feedback on my writing. appreciate it very much!

Navarino said...

it doesn't exist, it line man. I loooooooooove it