Friday, March 12, 2010


For a long time last year it was Leighton Meester (here with Blake Lively, the blonde chick, her co-star from Gossip GIrl).
Now it's Emma Watson. If you follow my blog in tumblr you will see. Check out my tumblr blog.

Emma Watson (here) and (more)who modelled for Burberry and acted Hermione Granger wins by sheer smartness and cool-ness which Leighton Meester lacks I think, because she is just a pretty face and an ok singer. AND because she's British.

so, TADA!!!!!! the winner................. EMMA WATSON! It's a tough world out there, and how long will Emma Watson surivive? You will see, when Crush Episode II returns!!!!

(hahaha, useless.)

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