Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Diary 2008

I found my diary from 2008 in my stacks of books here in my room. It was sheer delight to go through my life back then. I will put in some of them. But for starters here is one:
10 January 2008: Was a very off day. Still no sign of the passport. Then IELTS Jan 19 got shifted to Calcutta and no more Guwahati.
Ended the day in Centrepoint having tea with Andrew and Jameris, discussing IELTS feb 2nd. Atleast we are ready to go, our mindset.
Ah, my mind's cramped with small town prejudices and Speed Post woes.
I don't even feel like writing tonight.
14 january 08:: today was quite eventless day, except that Gonok and I went to cyber cafe and lodged a request to the Regional Passport Office to look into my passport problems. And yes, Daniel (remember that little African kid, with the Costa Rican family?? hahaha) was here, the most energetic human being I have ever come across.
then had a good talk with Pa about everything, then with Ching, venting our frustrations over recent developments with Zik. And of course talking about his basketball exploits.

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