Monday, March 15, 2010

Katie Leung, Cho Chang

Stumbled on some photos of Katie Leung. She is the actress in Harry Potter who took the role of Cho Chang, from Ravenclaw, love interest of Harry Potter for a couple of years.

She was also named the most stylish girl/lady/woman (dunno) in Britain, one time. And she was picked above all other Asian British girls, some who had more acting experience than she did, because of her Scottish accent.

Disclaimer: This post about Katie Leung is nothing stalkish btw. I just found the photos and thought they deserve a post on my blog.


Navarino said...

Katie Leung ^%^ Katie Panmei

i am said...

hahahaha as if. but she's cool na?
scottish accents too. haha

Navarino said...

she's real cool.