Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I feel like making another list again as I did, before going to Shillong for holidays and another right before my exhibition. If you follow the pattern, I make lists in my blog only when it is getting very very busy and there are normally more than five stuffs to fill into the list.

It is a similar time of my life. One would think that since it is past graduation now, I'd become more tuned to home and 'getting some rest' and so on. But not so with me.

Right after graduation, today has been the first time that I had the time to go into college and meet some of the tutors. And I had a very good talk with my Business Studies tutor Michael Mertz about.... well, I will talk about that elsewhere. But as I was saying, it is a very busy time, contrary to what I thought when I told Denise that I'd be in college most of the time last week. WHich did NOT happen at all since I was glued to my interning and some other design work. I haven't even gotten time to do my comics.

Here goes the list:

1. Lovelight Productions, where I interned last week and still have a few stuff to round up.
2. A website design for Comspec Ltd. which is nearing completion.
3. DESIGNING FOR ELLY!!!!!! haha, my favourite project for now. She is probably the next big thing, and I was pretty stoked when Andre (her husband and her manager maybe) asked me if I want to design for her singles release 'Elly- Do Ya Dance!'....... so yeah! Doing that.
4. Painting for Joel Hanssen, the guy who manages C1 cafe, the best cafe in New Zealand, voted by magazines and polls. Some Pop art-ish cartoon-ish art, and he wants some tribal Naga element popped in too. Not much. And a black pug.
5. Jordi Duff Clinic, which should have been on the number 1 on this list, opens its pre-orders today. Singlets and tees for men and women. Going to be big if we keep pushing.
6. Random sketching for Michelle of her and Sarah Kirner.
7. Another random sketching for Danny and Michele Rosewall. Who are just getting public about their relationship on facebook.
8. {oh book!} a comic book, keep looking for publisher and possibilities.
9. Stage background design for CREATE school productions on Easter, conceptual drawings.
10. I know there is something else here...

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