Sunday, March 21, 2010

Photos from Flock Hill

Dominic might kill me for posting these photos here, but there is a chance he might spare me because none of these shots are Narnia-related. And he doesn't want anyone to see what we have done (reference to: the real reason why we went to Narnia locations, which is to shoot photos exactly like stills from the movie replacing the original characters with himself and his friends). These are just random shots.

For this one, I wasn't posing at all. It just looks like it. I was wearing Peter's (from Narnia) jacket that he wore in the movie (just a remake, not the original of course). Look at the mountains in the background! And the flag is the original from the movie. The ACTUAL from the movie sets.

This one, I was posing. Mountains mountains mountains. As beautiful as ever!!

My favourite pose.

My favourite pose II

Stopping by for a photoshoot and a painting.

Cucumber at outdoor picnic. yummmm


Navarino said...

Nice. Great fun!! Oh shyt...The word verification code below for this comment: GAJHINI

{oh ben!} said...

hahaha.. hey we should go too one day. NZ is blessed with many beautiful places. we dont need to plan. just drive out of town anywhere..