Monday, March 8, 2010


Weird day. Strange. Went for a ride with Agus, Singsing and Han, checked out some houses on Manchester Street, Colombo and Peterborough. Then we went to get Fish&Chips from Church Corner from some Asian supermarket place. As we drove around and saw houses, I realised I had taken so much things for granted and never really realised that New Zealand is growing into me. Something deep inside me is starting to call the open spaces of Christchurch home, the bright skies and the shaky trees at the intersections of roads.

It is the sort of day, however inspiring it has been, when you don't want to do anything, and all you want to do is sleep and hope tomorrow you wake up feeling more ready to take on the world. A day like today is useless. All work I have done is sketch a few more samples of ELLY-DO YA DANCE into my notepad.

Well the night is still young. I still have a few hours of tonight for redemption before I sign off the day as utter vanity.

Also I slept in the afternoon on the couch in my room, with my jacket thrown over myself and my phone tightly wrapped in my palm (so I will know if someone in dire needs is calling) and gave in to the impulse of sleeping. It was a deep sleep, many times drifting awake now and then when the phone kept falling off my hands. How kind is sleep that it doesn't even let you hold anything in your hands while it soothes you.

And as I slept I had the most random of dreams. For example some of the staff that works in the Chinese restaurant who owns the apartments I live in came into my room in my dream, and I said, oh the chinese guy, and he replied. I am me, I am not 'the chinese guy' and I felt real bad because I was being racist. And then in the next chapter of my dream, Singsing had brought his fashion design stuff into my room and he was hanging it up to dry. And it was a massive bed cover with some prints on it. He said he had to submit this bed sheet by monday (because in my dream it was Saturday). And the room was smoky and hazy with steams from the wet bed sheet evaporating.

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