Friday, March 26, 2010


This is a digital art I did for my illustrated blog. Go there and see AT ONCE (click here to see) if you haven't ever been there. But anyway, this is a painting inspired by a scene at Cafe Dose in Hereford Street Christchurch. It wasn't the best cafe I have been to. Clearly, I have been fooled by the smart and interesting branding they had going on.
Sad victim of the advertisement, yes you can call me.

But I read a magazine there, a travel magazine that carried scenes of New Zealand and its remarkable landscapes, especially of the mountains. It is a hot day today and it feels like summer doesn't want to leave. That's good.

But I was bit by wanderlust again. I want to pack my bags and go off somewhere else and see the thundering mountains draped here and there by wisps of clouds, and gnarled trees, grey and dark.

Maybe it's about time I make up for all the bitching I have done in the past about New Zealand. As time goes by, and I am seeing more of the greens and mountains (and also hear about the deep tropical forests of North Island that I am yet to see) I am realising that I very much would have been wishing I was here, were I back in India and reading about New Zealand from some travel magazines.

There are many reasons that New Zealand is growing into me. I don't mean to try and explain them all here. But I will continue to write them as they expose themselves to me bit by bit.

For now, its the rocky mountain, that I will never forget. Half lit by the sun, looking sinister like a castle of a strange beast.

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