Thursday, April 29, 2010

about Bass guitar and Hillsong Saviour King

I love bass guitar. What is a music band or a group without bass. And I am overjoyed I am the bassist for Majestic Youth now, as opposed to me playing electric guitars or even drums. I don't feel at home on the drums though I love playing it now and then. Same with singing.

I feel music the most when I am supporting the whole flow by playing the bass. And the whole concept of being the backbone of music and being the sound thats confident and not overbearing is cool.

By the way I am watching Hillsong Live Saviour King and I think that this video was probably one of the worst made. I think the whole album was very beautiful, especially songs like Hosanna, To Know Your Name, Saviour King, You Are My Strength, God Of Ages and more, and somehow the video just doesn't live up to the standards that the music set.

Heaps of slow motion-ed videos, very rare coverage of musicians except for the leading electric guitarists and drums. How more obvious can your coverage be?

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