Saturday, April 3, 2010

about White Stripes and Sirion Diaries Animation

Good night, tonight. Singsing barged into my room when I was working on Sirion Diaries animated. Apparently he had shouted outside my house for a while after his work got over and even threw pebbles at my window but I didn't know. But he barged in anyway.

He brought over roasted pork. We ate it with Coke. Soo good. haha

And then we watched White Stripes - Under Great White Northern Lights. They are good. I love White Stripes because they do crazy but simple things. They don't spend millions to catch attention (as people in the age of Avatar do, spending billions just so people will turn their heads). The White Stripes do simple things. Play music that is outrageous and break rules. Shift beats and tempo whenever they want to.

Just a crazy loud and jarring electric guitar and drums. Thats all the band is made up of. Jack White and his sister. Minimalistic approach, as I have also mentioned in my previous blog about/inspired by It Might Get Loud.

They inspire me so much. About how much can be acheived with just someone you know you can do stuff with. Or just what you can do if you believe in your ideas and do it by finding any way to do it somehow.

1. Finding a right creative partner to do art and stuff is very important. Could be your spouse, brother, sister, cousin. I think someone who talks on the same wavelength, walk on the same light and who is moved by a similar thing that moves you is so important to doing something. Otherwise I find it might be better to do it on your own. (I might be wrong. But so far that's what I understand)
2. Doing the thing is more important than coming up with the idea. It's as simple as looking around you and finding out what you can do with whats around you. I have learnt in my little process of animation for Sirion Diaries the last few days, when on my first night I experimented animating I tried Flash (didn't work), I tried After Effects (I had no idea what to do after I opened it), I tried Corel Painter X (my computer shut down abrubtly because it wasn't strong enough to support a running Corel Painter X, and it shut down about 5 times. Five times of trying to paint, shutting down and restarting with system check [each time!] can really get on your nerve!) and finally I came back to Adobe Photoshop. I even prayed, I am not giving up. There's got to be a way around this. Animation isn't beyond me!
I started doing the age old method of drawing each frame and playing the frames 10 per second on photoshop. It worked. Simple, yes. But I was ecstatic.
I just realised I didn't just think about doing animation. It was a wonderful idea for promotion of Sirion Diaries. But I even did it. Found my own solution to publishing it.
3. Just do it, seems to be the theme, as cheesy as it sounds.

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Navarino said...

oh dear!! That's an insight into your personal life, very personal life. hahah
very nice post. to walk with someone with the same thought wavelength, what else do we need in life?? may be someone with totally contrasting wavelength at times.hahha..I mean only at times.