Monday, April 5, 2010

The Bitching

Allow me to bitch for a bit. I have been a good person, so far, on this blog. I have done all positive writing, and they aren't forced too, which means I wasn't writing all positive stuff just because I feel its better than negative. I am against that idea. Positive thoughts or negative thoughts, honestly spoken/thought is better than being fake. Well, who would disagree. I mean, this is a personal blog anyway.

So, allow me to bitch a bit.

I feel strangely irritated tonight by some people's behaviour. This is a culmination of many thoughts and many other minor irritation in the past. It is not something new under the sun. People annoy people. And that is normal. And perhaps this irritation will vanish when tomorrow comes.

Man, why am I talking like Shakespearean English?

Must be the musical production I was part of. Though I was the set design team, the Chi of the drama-English must have permeated through to me.

Moreover, I have also been watching a lot of historical, fantastical stories on my laptop:
* Merlin, TV series of young Merlin in the courts of Camelot under the apprentice of Prince Arthur,
* Dungeons & Dragons, which lingers between 'sucks' ratings and 'bearable' ratings,
* Mists of Avalon, the story of King Arthur told from the women's perspective, of Guinevere, Morgan LeFaye and Lady of the Lake. Not too bad. Highly dragging. And we will leave it at that.
* And of course the perennial Harry Potter (been catching some of the makings and so on).

Now, this irritation is very trivial. It is not any harm that the people has done to me. They are just doing what they ought to do. Maybe a bit too much. Maybe its something wrong with me.

I just needed to get that out of my shoulders. Sorry, this blog isn't going to help anyone and I didn't mean for it to.

Just go read Oprah magazine if you're looking for self help stuff. That woman............ ah... never mind....


Rathiulung KC said...

haha. hopeless guy.
why are you reading dungeons and dragon?? don't you know that the book "The Seduction of our Children" by an American christian writer labels it as satanic!!??
does that make you feel better?

i am bugged too at times. with circumstances, things, ideas, ignorant and arrogant attitudes.... you know them i keep telling you right. haha
but that's life. we have to get on with these nonsense

i guess

{oh ben!} said...

hahaha i am not reading. i watched the movie based on that book, but which was discarded by its hard core fans because it didnt stick true to the stories and people. so i guess its safe.
its silly too anywya, the story. but i also read about the controversies surrounding it. nothing major. quite like harry potter. so one doesnt know where to stand about it.