Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Listening to Hillsong at the studio and musing about life

Here we are the Jordi Duff studio at Majestic AKA eighty02music world studio AKA Danny Robertson's music studio AKA Majestic sound studio. Crap thats a long intro.

Listening to Hillsong after what seems like a very very long time overdose of Hip Hop music that Danny needs to play to mix his tracks.

I think Hillsong (United especially) are the dopest group of Christian musicians ever, probably on the same level in my appreciation as Petra. They have done so much for the Christian music as never been witnessed before. Pushed Worship music as a completely hip new genre of music that features proudly even on iTunes.

Despite all the bullshit that they get from the more conventional Christians and even fellow church mates I think worship music has come a long long way because of the way that God has used them.

Anyway, back on the note that I began this post.. Yesterday Danny and I realised we are on the same page. Both freelancers. Earning a few dollars more to help pay the bills with art classes and all that as part timers. But thankfully I sealed another deal to design another website that will keep my pockets less empty for just a bit. Thank God.

Freelancers. Tough life. Sometimes when you think hard enough, it is scary. But hey, what is life without a bit of risk? I have secured another year of Work Permit in the beautiful land of NZ and I will make do with what resources and contacts and I got to get me through until I am ready and until I am secure with a job.

SECURE. Maybe that is a luxury that will hardly come my way. Maybe it is not even a luxury. Maybe it does not even exist. I have talked to many people, who I thought would be 'secure' in terms of money, family and career. None of them seem to be convincingly secure.

Many talk about being unsure about where they would be in a few months time. Many didn't feel sure about the job they were working on. Many didn't like their work mates and lived everyday under the constant insecurity of being around them. Many aren't sure about where money is going to come from.

So. The world is insecure enough. Why add another feather to the camel's back that is already overburdened?

Haha I sound like I am trying to convince myself its ok to be insecure.... Maybe that's what I am doing.

Anyway, the song we were playing at the studio: There Is Nothing Like from United - Look To You.

And on the final note: I am secure only on one thing. I know that the God who watches over me does not sleep or slumber. He is not going to doze off today and sleep off, while I die away in shame; to wake up with a start tomorrow and say: Shivers, Ning is dead! I failed him!

And think about it, unless that happens, there is absolutely no reason for life to get unbearable bad.

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