Thursday, April 8, 2010

a little bit of view of my work/ yes! it's called work though i dont slave my ass for other people like other normal young professionals do!

Lovelight Production Studio, where I interned for a week and still do freelancing now. Waiting for my coffee, kindly being offered to be brewed By Craig at the kitchen.

Went today to clear up some job I have been doing. Getting soooo muddled up with making file copies and organizing them in folders and everything. So stressful.

And that will be the Managing Director of Lovelight, Craig Forster, bass guitar mate at church and fellow member of the Most Auspiscious film making team for the 48 Hour Film Competition. Haha

When I saw him first he reminded me of Peregrin Took because he had curly and long-ish hair at that time.

I know you all must be so jealous. I have a coolest job. If only I can hold on freelancing all life. SIGH!

But soon I will need a job. Or would I?? I am managing pretty well for now, for starters...............

And then the part of me that's sometimes sensible whispers to me (like the sly slithering voice of Wormwood would to King Theoden): No, Ning. You need a job.

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