Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Painted Room

Yesterday as I was walking back to town from Brazier's House Rental company I stopped at a store called The Painted Room on Colombo Street (click on the name to see photo). From the pathway, what got my attention was the vintage table sitting out on the sun with the design of the Union Jack on it.

What I gathered from my brief wander into the store told me that this is a vintage store, but its not that typical vintage Victorian Era sort of store, but rather a mix of British Swinging Sixties vintage mixed with oriental vintage (with all the Japanese umbrellas and prints embellished with a bit of Pop art).

What I saw: Vintage ash trays, tables and chairs, coats, blouses, radio.


Disy said...

Sadly it's gone in the Canterbury Quake.

{oh ben!} said...

ooh thats sad man. darn the earthquake. i feel bad for the very nice lady who owned it who was very friendly when i was in there.