Saturday, July 17, 2010

About Auckland and Parachute

Auckland is a really good city. It isn't as cool as Christchurch is, but I like it because its hilly. I get picked from the airport by Rob in his Audi. Very flash haha.

Parachute Music is very cool though. Chris de Jong, the Creative Director is the coolest woman you have met. I went for lunch with her and Danny the senior designer and then talked about what Parachute does and what the job entails and what it means. It is very very intense. It is a 8-5 five days a week job. Full on.

But what is amazing about Parachute is that they have invited almost all the top Christian musicians over to the festival. Relientk, Underoath, Switchfoot, Hillsong, Thousand Foot Krutch, Third Day, Delirious, Leeland, DcTalk, Newsboys, Rebecca St. James........ crazy!!!!! And now the attending number is about 20,000 people at the festival, probably the biggest music festival in the southern hemisphere. Imagine working in a place like this?

They go to Hamilton and redesign this whole atmostphere, and even the 'Village' where food and hang out zones are located, apart from the six stages where artists (local as well as the international ones) perform to big, small and medium crowds.
And the funniest thing happened when my host here at Auckland took me around to meet other Naga people here, and one of the Naga ladies was married to an Mumbai guy and I told him why I came up here from Christchurch, and he said: "Why do you limit yourself to Parachute?? You are a graphic artist??"

I stopped for a while. What the heck is he asking? Does he know what Parachute does? So I told him: I would think its the best job that I can possibly get in NZ. (And I truly think so)
And he gave it a thought and said: Ah, they do the biggest Christian music festival in the Southern Hemisphere I think..

So he does know what they do. And he just ate what he himself said! Talk about a downer.
Anyway, I head back for CHristchurch on Monday and I still think Christchurch is by far wayy cooler. I can't wait to hear back from Parachute and hear the outcome of the interview and know for real whether I should expect to remain to Christchurch or think of moving..


Marisa said...

Sweet! How'd it turn out bro! Sounds pretty exciting!

Rathiulung KC said...

haha. hopeless Mumbaikar!